Who We Are

Health Horizons International was founded in January 2009, after five years of experience with week-long medical service trips in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic. Working in impoverished communities facing numerous health, socioeconomic, and structural challenges, we realized that trips could not offer a complete solution to the inequities and inequalities our patients endured. HHI was founded to find a way for medical service trips to sustainably improve health in partnership with the communities themselves. In October 2009, HHI began its work by establishing a local presence in the Dominican Republic. HHI’s first two International Programs Directors moved to the Puerto Plata province to begin building the organization from the ground up. HHI has since grown to become a dedicated group of doctors, allied health professionals, public health professionals, and students working towards improving global health.

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    Board of Directors
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    Community Health Workers
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    Medical Service Trip Teams
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