Our Model

Our work revolves around empowering community health leaders, partnering with and strengthening the primary care system, and promoting patient access to quality prevention, treatment, and management services. We develop on-the-ground programs in four “core” partner communities to understand what works, and scale our best solutions through strategic partnerships with primary care clinic networks and nationally-driven initiatives. We focus on three main levers:

  • Empowering Local Leaders: Our Community Health Workers Program empowers local individuals with the knowledge and tools to improve the health of their neighbors. In our core communities, the promotores de salud are partners in the provision of primary care, with a targeted focus on chronic diseases. They are promoters of health education and connection to existing health systems, and leaders who act as agents of change in community health. Drawing on insights and evidence from our core program, we work with the Ministry of Health to train promotores across the province, and strengthen their ability to serve patients with chronic diseases.
  • Strengthening Primary Health Care Quality: We support primary health care centers in establishing and improving the systems, tools, and practices necessary to provide high quality health care to patients, focusing on chronic diseases. We work with health centers across the province to establish measures of quality excellence, train physicians and nurses, and provide support and guidance for continuous learning and improvement. We connect people with diagnosed chronic diseases to a community health worker, who supports them in managing their condition through medication and behavior, and serves as an advocate and bridge to the primary care system.
  • Promoting Public Health: We help community members build and maintain their well-being through health education and prevention programs. We implement innovative, community-based programs that help people who are at risk for chronic diseases to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into their lifestyles. We partner with the Ministry of Health to lead public health awareness campaigns. We work to influence the national conversation about chronic disease prevention, treatment, and management, to ensure that patient outcomes are at the center of national strategy.

Since our founding in 2009, we have become the only organization on the north coast that combines a Community Health Workers Program with direct provision of primary health care, and incorporates a special focus on chronic disease. Our work has given us the evidence and experience to make a long-term impact on community health at the national level.

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