Community Health Workers Program

HHI builds the capacity of our partner communities by training community health workers, or promotores de salud. The promotores act as resources, serving to bridge the gap between their communities, access to health care, and community health promotion. HHI promotores are:

  • Providers of basic first aid, patient care, and individual case management
  • Promoters of health education and connection to existing health systems
  • Leaders within their communities, who act as agents of change in community health

The promotores receive intensive initial training and monthly continuing education classes, and are supported by HHI staff in managing individual patients, developing and teaching educational health workshops in their communities, and implementing community health projects. They provided critical feedback to our team to ensure our programs respond effectively to community needs and assets.

The promotores are the key to continuity of patient care. In our core partner communities, each promotor manages a caseload of individuals with chronic illnesses and acute conditions. They conduct monthly home visits, facilitate and follow up on referrals to local specialists, and serve as advocates and liaisons with the local health system.

Drawing on insights and evidence from our Community Health Workers Program, we are now working with the Ministry of Health to train promotores from across the province, and strengthen their ability to serve patients with chronic diseases.

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