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Partnering With The World Diabetes Foundation To Improve The Response To Diabetes

In November 2014, HHI entered into a two-year joint partnership grant with the World Diabetes Foundation, Population Services International (PSI) and the Ministry of Public Health. We are helping to strengthen the local health care system’s response to diabetes by improving access to diabetes care and providing training for health professionals on diabetes prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Here’s why [Read more]

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Rainy Season

I sit under the shade of Estela’s palm-roofed patio, waiting for her to change her clothes and brush her hair before we go on a patient home visit.  Rainy season has come early this year, and my trek up to Negro Melo had already been delayed three days due to the swollen rivers. Today has [Read more]

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The field of medicine typically deals with the individual: how a single person succumbs to disease, and the pathophysiological battle that thereby ensues. Medicine is exemplified by CAT scans and chemotherapy, surgery and psychotherapy. The field of public health, however, typically deals with the collective: how a group of people can prevent disease, thus avoiding [Read more]

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