In Their Own Words

Gabriela DeSousa, M.D.
Trip Participant 2009, Family Physician in private practice in CT

Traveling to the DR with Health Horizons International has been one of my highlights since graduating from residency. I especially enjoyed working with the residents, who were full of excitement, and the more experienced physicians with their earned wisdom. As a young physician this experience helped my pursuit of the latter. I look forward to my next trip with HHI and many more to come.

Jen Parsons, M.D.
Trip Participant 2009, Family Medicine Resident, Stamford, CT

I couldn’t have imagined the degree of satisfaction, depth, hard work, and enjoyment with which this trip provided me. The big picture is that it was a very moving experience – to see and help folks in varying degrees of poverty or who lack access to medical care. The people we served were a joy to help – they were generous and thankful and my medical education was noticeably enhanced as a result. Every bit of our week was well organized. I didn’t want to leave.

Clifford Rosenberg, M.D.
Trip Participant 2010, Family Physician in private practice in CT

[Health Horizons International Foundation] is providing a structure for ongoing care and integration with other NGOs and governmental agencies. It has been amazing to observe its embryonic development over the past three years spearheaded by Laura and Angi and Dr. Craig Czarsty. I look forward to the privilege of participating on a third trip in March 2010 and continued involvement with this project.

Diana Mlynarski, MPH
Trip Participant 2009 & 2010, Physician Assistant Student, Quinnipiac Universit

I am amazed by the people we visit, and develop increasing respect for the Dominican and Haitian patients we treat there. They are living a life unimaginable to most Americans, yet they continue to have such strong, unbroken spirits. The perspective you gain on yourself and the world around you is amazing. What the people of the DR give to you is so much more than you could give to them, and I am continually grateful for the experience.

Michelle Russell
Trip Participant 2009 & 2010, Physician Assistant Student, Quinnipiac University

Each day I felt eager to help in anyway possible. Playing with the children, practicing my Spanish, handing out food and medication were only the surfaces of this experience. Each gesture resulted in warm smiles and hugs from some of the most appreciative people I have ever met. I had mixed emotions- happiness for all we accomplished, while feeling like much more needed to be done. I realized that every small change adds up. I cannot wait to make even more of an impact.


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