Cynthia’s 5K Marathon Challenge




Total Contributions



Help me raise $5,000 to support HHI’s Community Health Worker Program!  I will personally match every donation up to $2,500.

picture1I’m passionate about alleviating poverty in Latin America. While most of my professional work has focused on providing the poor with access to finance, I’ve seen firsthand how health crises can lead to financial ruin and keep people trapped in a cycle of poverty. I recently had the privilege of joining the board of Health Horizons International, a nonprofit that works to improve community health in the Dominican Republic by building local capacity for quality primary care and public health. A few weeks ago, I traveled to the Dominican Republic to meet the HHI team and see their work on the ground. I was incredibly moved by how dedicated the team is to HHI’s mission and to improving their own communities, and inspired to see how much the organization has accomplished since its founding in 2009.

I’ll be running the Los Angeles Marathon on March 19th, 2017 to raise money for HHI’s Community Health Workers Program. It’ll be my third marathon, and I’m excited to be running this one for a cause that is so important to me. Please help me reach my goal of raising $5,000 for HHI’s Community Health Worker Program!


Individual Contributors

Angi Kang $100.00
Ayaz Madraswalla $100.00
Betsy McCormick $50.00
Brad Wilkinson, MD $100.00
Brian Korpics $25.00
Bryant Cannon $100.00
Chelsea DeWitt $40.00
Chris Meelia $100.00
Courtney Rheins $25.00
Craig Czarsty, MD $100.00
Cynthia McMurry $2,500.00
Ellen Bradley $50.00
Eric M Kernfeld $25.00
Giovanna Masci $50.00
Karen Casperson $25.00
Lala Wu $100.00
Laura McNulty $100.00
Liz Nagle $50.00
Martha McMurry $50.00
Martha Wallace $250.00
Matthew Pouliot $250.00
Nathaniel Kane $100.00
Nathaniel McMurry $200.00
Nicole Hubmann $50.00
Nicole Sheikh $40.00
Nina Remiker-Scheinman $25.00
Peter and Pam McMurry $500.00
Roma Jhaveri $50.00
Romiya Barry $100.00
Shelby Clark $100.00
Susan McMurry $100.00
Timothy McMurry $100.00
Wesley Schrock $100.00