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Four Days

By Heather Dimock, Quinnipiac University PA Student Four days never meant so much. I cannot believe how much impact a short week could have on me. I actually still feel like I’m processing it. Working with HHI and the people of the Puerto Plata region has been an amazing experience which I know will always [Read more]

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Learning from the Experts

by Jessica Gaulter, HHI Intern As the wheels of our plane touched down at the Puerto Plata Airport, the cabin was filled with applause and cheering. I have been away from the Dominican Republic for almost exactly two years and had forgotten about this local tradition. Whether they were thanking the pilot, relieved to have [Read more]

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Guides. Trainers. Bridges. Secret Agents?

by Janelle Bitikofer, Clinical Programs Director In the office of HHI there are a couple of people who most folks in the outside world don’t know exist.   Are they secret agents?  Undercover workers?  Not exactly.  They just quietly go about their work, guiding, training, and empowering HHI’s patients and community members, without ever asking for [Read more]

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