COVID-19 Relief for Vulnerable Communities

The emergence of this new strain of coronavirus has made it clear that, despite scientific advances and the implementation of sophisticated sanitation systems, the gap in inaccessibility to health for vulnerable populations has widened dramatically; always placing women, children, the elderly and others of lower socioeconomic status at a disadvantage.

HHI serves communities whose total population is near 20,000 people, who nearly all face multiple challenges: lack of access to quality medical care, shortage of public health services such as drinking water and public sanitation, institutionalized discrimination against the Haitian minority, and a changing health profile that increases the burden of chronic diseases in the most disadvantaged people.  Many people suffer from chronic, untreated diseases because they cannot afford transportation to a doctor, whose capacity may already be limited by an overburdened healthcare system.

We are committed to providing relief to the communities we serve during this challenging time, but we need your help.  Although the gap in access to health for people facing social, economic, and political disparities is wider due to this pandemic, people like you who support our work help us serve as a bridge for the people who need it most. We cannot compensate for the difficulties this global pandemic has created for non-profit organizations like ours whose work is more crucial now than ever, but knowing that we have the support of people like you assures us that we are not alone.

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