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Long-Lasting Impact

One of the things that I struggled with during my first trip with HHI in 2009 was the lack of a lasting impact in the communities we were working with. At that time, there were only one or two medical service trips planned each year. There was no real structure to the clinics except that [Read more]

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A Neglected Side-Effect

by Eric Weber, Tufts University Medical Student Two young men are critically injured after their motorcycle is hit head-on by a bus.  Shocked but determined, their families struggle to get them access to appropriate care.  One requires a surgical amputation of his leg necessary to save his life, after which he is connected to a [Read more]

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A Home Visit Case Study

by Mary-Kate Almeida, Quinnipiac University PA Student It was our first day in Pancho Mateo. Hot, crowded, highly urbanized and impoverished. We had been working all morning at the clinic and toward lunchtime, Janelle, the Clinical Programs Director, pulled me aside and asked if I had had a chance to go on a home visit [Read more]

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